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God’s redemptive love

God’s redemptive love and endless mercy were fully revealed in the personality of Jesus of Nazareth. Through Him all the promises about the long-awaited Messiah were fulfilled. Amazingly, God wanted to establish such a close relationship with His beloved creatures that He Himself became a man. But specifically, Jesus Christ was revealed as an authentic man in whom there was no space for the power of original sin. He has proved that “the people fallen through pride should rise through humbleness. And the example of such humbleness was given us through Him” (Saint Augustine). Indeed, Jesus was incarnating His springs of divine love through meekness while giving people the freedom of choice and actions. He has not appeared as a militant revolutionist who wanted to summon His people by force. However, His force was in His complete humility, spiritual authority, and obedience to the will of the Father.

Frequently in the Roman-Catholic tradition the original apostasy of Adam and Eve is called “blissful guilt.” People used to call it in such a way because they acknowledge that without the original sin there would be no space for such a wonderful and beautiful Savior. God has loved people to such a great extent that He “has chosen to suffer because of human’s sin and rebellion” (p. 255). His all-penetrating love and desire to release people from the oppressive captivity of sin has found their place on the Calvary’s cross. On that particular historical and cosmic moment the greatest of all ever existing events has happened– God has died in order to forgive us. Jesus has opened people an access to heaven, to our primordial fatherland. He has established His Kingdom on the earth which must be fully completed when the bride – Church - and the bridegroom – Jesus – will be united in the absolute love, peace, and God’s glory.

Did Jesus come to live or to die?

Frankly speaking, I have never seriously thought about this particular question. Therefore, the lecture on this topic compelled me to look on Jesus’ “purpose” more carefully. My understanding of the Christian faith and my own religious experience lead me to consider that God’s redemptive love was fulfilled through the death of the Son in order to reveal people the true meaning of life. The cross was an “instrument” which God used in order to realize His promises and show humanity the way of salvation. I was always wondering whether God could use some other way of saving His creation from the captivity of sin rather than dying on the cross. Why has God chosen such a human way of forgiving people instead of showing us His ultimate authority and power? Is it worthy of God’s divine nature to become a man, suffer and die for our sake? Unquestionably, “who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor?” (Rom 11:34).
However, I can not think about more profound, unique and in some manner inconceivable way of saving the creation except of the death on the cross. God wanted His people to be refined from the stains of sin which caused human nature to be corrupted. The very God’s image became distorted and ruined in a human being because of his rebellion and desire to be separated from the Creator. The most dramatic result of human unwillingness to live with God was an appearance of death. Therefore, in order to restore human’s authentic nature God needed to release people from their greatest obstacle on the road to the Eden, a death. And death was overcome through the resurrection of the Son of God. Jesus has vanquished our sin; now we should not be afraid of death because God opened us an access to Heaven, to our primordial fatherland where death does not have any sense. “Where, O death, are your plagues? Where, O grave, is your destruction?” (Hos 13:14).

Therefore, I would prefer an “optimistic” point of view which states that Jesus has come to live. His life is a perfect example of a man whose nature was not liable to sin; He is new Adam as Paul was mentioning. God has entered the world in such an intimate and close manner that it becomes really difficult to embrace all His love and faithfulness using only limited resources of our human mind. Indeed, God has fully demonstrated His extreme love to us by becoming truly man and experiencing life of a human being. Our transgressions were laid on His shoulders and His sufferings washed away our disobedience. Jesus’ life has demonstrated that salvation is only possible when God is coming down to the human level and after lifting people up to the contemplation of His divinity. Jesus has opened humanity the new reality and a new understanding of what life is truly about. His death on the cross was an “instrument” which He used in order to realize His highest purpose: to give people a gift of the everlasting Life. Jesus has overcome the most important enemy of the humanity, a death, by His resurrection. He has showed that death has no power over a man who is choosing to follow God and to enjoy fruits of the everlasting life. Therefore, I think that Jesus has come to live and to reveal the authentic meaning of “life” to people through His ministry, passions, death, and resurrection.

hello the livejournal!

Oh...Thanks Dasha for compelling me to create my livejournal page! Hope to find there some interesting personalities and ideas and to share my own thoughts.

Basically, I am used to write a lot because of my university studies. Now I decided to post part of my reflection papers here. For what reason??? Who knows... I don't know for sure. May be I am just tired of the fact that all my papers are read only by professors.

Also I like to write in English but it is not my native language which makes my writings sound kind of weird... Anyway, if anyone is interested, I will highly appreciate your comments, critique, or a simple friendly conversation.

Aciu Jums Labai!
The caste system is an essential and inseparable part in the religion of Hinduism. It was developed during the period of Assyrian and Dravidian opposition which resulted later in the appearance of the division within a society. People began to be judged by the color of their skin that led to the visible differentiation of the roles and positions in a society. Particularly, a Hindu word for a caste is “varna” which means “color.” Along with the establishment of the religious worldview in the land of India, the caste system found its origins in the Rig Veda. This particular section of Vedas (Hindu scripture) illustrated that castes descended from the deity called Purusha. That is why the castes are estimated as having a divine nature. In addition, another core belief of Hinduism – Brahman - extremely influences the very conception of a caste. As Brahman is the universal reality which carries a divine nature in all the elements within itself, the caste system can also be described as a divine construction. That is why the people who constitute castes can condemn neither the whole caste system nor the particular caste which they belong to.

From the side of fatalism, which is another essential part of a Hindu religion, castes may be considered as an inevitable reality that cannot be avoided by a person. The Nepali scholar Dor Bahadur Bista describes the caste system as “fatalistic hierarchy.” Indeed, according to Hinduism, people are already predestined to be born in a certain caste; during their lifetime they are not able to change their state by moving into another caste. This aspect expresses the depersonalized character of the Hindu religion, where a man doesn’t carry any sense of personal dignity and authentic freedom during the time of his or her life on the earth. Principally, a person may experience any kind of change only after a series of his/her deaths. In my opinion, the Hindu’s caste system destroys the real meaning of a personal freedom of will and choice. It doesn’t give people a space for personal development and growth. If all the reality is an illusion, if the entire universe is divine, and if all people are born to be slaves without any individual freedom, in that case Hinduism does not show much respect for a gift of life and does not carry about the authentic purposes of this existing world.



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